Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • beautifulMind
    11-02 08:58 PM
    the Company is given guidelines by the lawyer and USCIS and they need to follow those guildeline. I am not interfering. I just want to know if what they did would satisfy the requirements of the PERM recrutiment process. Not sure why you gave me a red dot for this. The AD was posted by HR and I work for a very big university. All i wanted to know if it satisfy PERM requirments...

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  • nath.exists
    06-08 03:42 PM
    Hi, Thanks for the support i was wondering if anybody in this forum has gone through similar situation.Thanks.

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  • hnordberg
    June 25th, 2005, 12:19 PM
    Yeah, the first one has a bit of haze that pulls down the saturation. The foreground is interesting and pretty. I would try bumping saturation and contrast in PS. And maybe increase the overall exposure.
    Also, is there a reason that you cut off the left of the bridge? I probably would have tried a horizontal shot too.

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  • goosetavo
    03-03 02:22 AM
    Any plans for IV to join this group? A national immigrants march on DC is planned for the end of the month, any word from IV?


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  • st_2006
    05-05 03:18 PM
    Mine was applied on 20th April. Still waiting.

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  • ashkam
    07-20 01:06 PM
    What does your labor certification have to do with the medical test?


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  • trump_gc
    10-10 03:27 PM
    some movement for eb2

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  • tcsonly
    07-24 11:22 AM
    There is already another thread on priority date transfers started almost an year ago, and that should provide answers to your questions.


    Please close this thread.



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  • immi2006
    07-22 02:27 AM
    Should we have a spread sheet in google for it ?

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  • aray
    02-25 01:58 PM
    My wife and I both came back on AP through Frankfurt on Feb 3rd. We do not have stamped H1-B visas in our passports. You do not need Transit Visa. Transit through Frankfurt is very easy and hassle-free. Security and immigration personnel in Frankfurt are very friendly and nice.

    Hope this helps.


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  • npras123
    05-10 12:59 PM
    I am an undergrad student at purdue. I went to a community college for a year and transferred back to purdue. I did not fill in any paper work or anything and I was put out of status as per my international advisor. I handed them a all the documents that were needed for reinstatement. they told me it take 3-4 months for reinstatement and i should stay the US in the meantime.
    Now being said that I filled it on 10/9/11 and i am gonna be dropped from purdue on 10/17/11. I am planning on attending a community college for the coming semester and they will not accept me with a terminated record.
    So my questions are -
    1) Will immigration department check back with uni if i am still enrolled (note: i got paper signed from my advisor with my graduation dates on it)
    2) Should i leave US and apply for a new visa and a new i 20 with that community college?
    If yes, then what are my chances of getting a visa?
    3) What are my options??

    Please advice. I am at crucial crossroads of my life.

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  • chanduv23
    04-02 04:11 PM
    Actually stay outside the country does not constitute towards bench time. So if you are outside country - you are not in bench. One American Consulting company I used to work for way back in 2001 - used to move benched candidates to Canada (if they need to be benched for long time) and then bring them back when they get a project.

    Please remember that you may be asked to prove you have a project at POE so when you come back have copies of contract to prove it.

    Please verify with an Attorney on my statement above.


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  • Voetsjoeba
    08-17 10:12 AM
    Yeah, I got quite a few jobs from the Job Offer forum :)

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  • kanshul
    02-03 07:46 AM
    Yes, COBRA is no problem and has nothing to do with your H1B / EAD / GC status.


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  • gchopes
    10-13 11:16 AM
    I am talking about working for two different companies at the same time.

    Company A - US - Paid in USD on H1B
    Company B - India - Paid in Rupees.

    Ok to do the above?

    that's how infy, wipro, tcs work...they get ppl here on H1 and get paid in dollars....once they go back to india, they get paid in rupees....u need h1 if ur in the US.

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  • gdhiren
    09-07 03:32 PM
    Also folks, don't forget this. We need help from local members on accomodation/transportation.



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  • zeorist123
    03-19 12:02 PM

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  • dhiruseh
    07-31 08:57 AM
    Please remember here that earlier employer could use ur I140 for other employees but that rule was also changed in 2008. I140 once approved, you keep I140.

    Revoking I140 is not good for employee as it is his application to USCIS in this process and will put him in problem for other employees sponsorship.

    Chances are remote.

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  • pansworld
    11-28 03:51 PM
    For the URL. That helps. I have PM ed paskal.


    10-12 01:38 PM
    Found this while searching the website of the Senate Judiciary committee. Even though it is more than a month old, the references to SKIL bill in the hearing offers a glimmer of hope to us..As I understand the SKIL bill has been referred to the same committee for several months now.

    this is old news.
    we at IV had contacted members before the testimony. you can get more details in the old thread on this topic.

    12-22 02:41 PM
    Gordon's America COMPETES reauthorized | tennessean.com | The Tennessean (http://www.tennessean.com/article/D4/20101221/NEWS01/101221015/Gordon+s+America+COMPETES+reauthorized)

    The U.S. House of Representatives concurred today with the Senate Amendment to H.R. 5116, America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010 by a bipartisan vote of 228 to 130.

    The bill aims to maintain national economic and scientific leadership by: supporting basic research; improving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education; and fostering innovation, especially the development of new energy technologies.

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