Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Sai gc
    08-07 10:47 PM
    Hi ,
    I received NOID on my i 485 (to be precise here is what it states)
    1)" 140 filled on behalf of you has been revoked by my previous employer ,also mentioned as it is after 180 days of filling my 485 ,but my application still valid with in the meaning of section 204 of the act.
    but they asked for employment verification letter from my recent employer with duties,educational qualification and offered wage of salary as it is .
    2) Inmatter of semerjian ,it was held that an immigrant alien with in the purview of section 212 (a)(14) must establish a bona fied intent to work in USA,immediately or in fore seeable future,in his or her qualifying endeavour or in a related field.
    3) It was further held in matter of tanaham ,18 I & N dec.339(reg.comm.1981)under section 245 of act who meets the objective pre requisites is merely eligible to apply for adjustment of status. when an alien seeks the favourable exercise of discretion by this service ,it is incumbent up on alien to establish that he or she merits adjustment

    what does number 2 and 3 mean? what should be provided in evidence to that?Please advice.

    The date on the notice is june 23 rd ,but i received my mail 2 weeks back to the adress where i work.(say july 24 th)
    Iam away from that adress since 2 weeks

    Responded to my RFE with EVL (emploment verification)way back in august 2008 through attorney .so considering the date on notice that is june 23 rd. 33 days time has passed.but when i consider the date i received i still have time,which date should i consider,iam confused....,is it OK if i send my reply next week.Now iam worried,as just now i came to know about my letter from uscis(no online update though). what to do now,iam worried ,please advice.


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  • morchu
    06-16 12:49 PM
    1. NOW, if you are switching to company B. Company A may want to request extension only from Nov 2010, so for that the earliest is June 2010.

    2. You can file H1B extension on company B based on your approved & valid 140 in company A.

    3. Not necessarily. At any time, whenever you file extension, the criteria is checked again. Means if the 140 is revoked after getting 3 year extension, then the next H1 filing will get rejected, since you don't have a pending 140 anymore. So the answer is, it depends on whether you have a pending/valid LC/140 at that time.

    My 6 years on H1b expires on Nov 2010. I have 140 approved from company A.

    1.What's the earliest I can apply for 3 year H1b extension based on my 140 approval?

    2. If I switch to company B right now and get company B to file for labor using my approved labor's priority date, are there any time restrictions for filing H1b extension?

    3. Suppose I get a 3 yr H1b extension from company A, can i switch to different company after that using that H1b visa?

    Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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  • kadarm
    01-02 11:37 AM
    My attorney filed a SR. Can I call USCIS to get an update. The online update still says pending.

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  • _k_
    05-11 02:02 AM
    I came in US with my family when I was 15-16, back then we were on L2, then as time passed by we switched to H4. Then I turned 21 so I had to go on Student Visa (F1). Still living in US legally.

    Now my question is I've been staying in US over 10 years now, legally. I dont know if its rumor or not, but someone told me, that you can apply for Green Card if you lived in US over 10 years legally, is that true?
    Going through all that H1B process sounds really hectic. Also all my family members, friends and relatives are here, I don't know anyone back in my birthplace. any suggestions or tips, would help a bit.

    thanks :)


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  • tejonidhi
    01-14 08:47 AM
    I am a july 2 filer and I am in the same boat. I did call uscis and usually they give us the same answer that says we received your application on so and so and we will work on this. this is the latest and greatest information we have. I tried a different combination and found that my application has been moved to STORAGE facility. I am in the process of retriving that by sending Expedite request from lawyer.

    Try this combination to know the status of your application.

    1800 375 5283

    1,2,2,6,1 ,Enter receipt number, 1 listen to message, 3 ,4
    This will connect you to immigration information officer who has access to the database and he can give you a good picture about your application.All the best

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  • kirupa
    01-13 08:51 PM
    Looks nice bobdawg. Since I'm not actively updating kirupaStamps, it might be a while before I add yours up. It seems like already a long while has been up since you posted it first :P


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  • natika
    04-30 09:44 AM
    Thank you clif and sanju_eb3 for the response.

    I'll talk to lawyers of the new company (once I find it).

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  • spicy_guy
    09-26 09:07 PM
    I am trying to find health insurance for my spouse who is in H4 visa.

    Could you please let me know if I can buy the health insurance only for her? Is there some law which states H1B visa holder also needs to buy the health insurance along with the spouse?

    BTW, I am living in NJ.

    Appreciate, your inputs and pointers on this issue.


    You can, why not.

    BTW, doesn't your employer provide insurance that covers your family too?
    It sounds like its a desi consulting company... No offense. but just saying.


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  • saimrathi
    07-02 02:06 PM
    I agree.. lets move on..

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    07-09 10:43 AM
    out dated


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  • qtoask
    06-15 09:58 AM
    These were the people who had already applied and were in retro stage before june 1.

    pl update...

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  • fall2004us
    05-18 12:48 AM
    Check your I-140 approval notice for priority date..


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  • neeidd
    07-23 06:39 PM
    Card production ordered
    PD 03/2008
    RD 8/10/2008
    ND 9/20/2008

    But my desi consulting company tells me it is safe to stay with them for another six months.

    PD is 3/2004 not 3/2008. Sorry about the confusion
    Could you tell us in which service center your I-485 was?

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  • STAmisha
    06-23 10:23 PM
    Bumping up


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  • rajuram
    01-01 02:58 PM
    I was hoping there would be some motivation from the IV core team for "mere mortals" like keep us going in the new year...

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  • arnab221
    10-24 01:50 PM
    Why do the senators not do somthing of this sort .Everything seems to come from the House . If the House is so concerned about the helping EB folks . They must act now and first veto the increase in fees for H1B visas and secondly propose amendments to the Nursoing Amendment to help EB applicants .


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    04-07 12:03 PM
    I entered US on H1 and the officer stamped the I-94 expiry date to the expiry date of the passport. I applied for a new passport but forgot about the I-94 expiry date. Does it mean that my H1B is expired and not valid? Can I re-enter US on the same H1B visa. Or, my H1B is no longer valid and I have to use AP?

    Please let me know.

    When did your I94 expired?

    Even though it expired and if you are having a EAD you are legal.

    Your H1B visa is still valid. If you want you can reenter using the same H1B Visa.

    All you need is to extend your stay. I think you can do it by contacting CBP office in your area.

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  • sunny1000
    10-07 08:21 AM
    Hi All
    I am on a B1 - Visa visited 4 times to USA.But last time (4th time) i over stayed for about 20 days after the i-94 expired.

    Normally first 3 times they gave i-94 for 3 months, last time it is only for 2 months, so it's my mistake i haven't looked it till iam

    back. All this happened in June 2009. Now i am aproved for H1 - B for the year 2010. I need to face a visa interview. In DS 156

    Application, Question No 38. ( Have you ever voilated the terms of a U.S. Visa or Been unlawfully present in,........)
    I am checking the option Yes. Can you all help me in this please. Does 20 days extra stay will effect my H1 - B visa or if i get

    the Visa, when i go to USA on H1 - B Visa does immigration stop me. Please help me on this case. Thanks a lot for all your


    Please post this in the lawyers section so that the attorneys can respond.

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  • neeidd
    07-14 01:00 PM
    HI Gurus,

    I need advice from you guys,

    My priority date is June 2005 (EB2) and my I-485 receipt date is July 7th 2007 at TSC

    My questions regarding Writ of Mandamus are
    1. Would I be qualified to file for Writ of Mandamus (WOM)?
    2. If I am qualified, would it be of any benefit for me to file WOM based on my criteria as
    detailed above?

    Thanks a lot.

    05-16 08:49 PM
    Cool I like it :)

    04-05 02:16 AM
    IF labor approves, do labor dept informs employer only or they also inform candidate?
    is it up to employer only to inform the candidate?


    DOL wont inform the candidate.

    It is totally the companies call to let you know or keep you in dark about approval/denial.

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