Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • ranand00
    05-01 02:41 PM
    My H1b was approved in feb 2010 for location A.Before I could start working at location A,my company found a better client (close to home,better pay) at location B .(different state).
    what should my company do or have done with regards to lca for me to work at location b.
    should lca have been approved before I moved to location b or could it be filed after i started working at location b. If lca was filed after I started working, is that ok.If not, how do we correct this.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-14 04:05 PM
    Thanks. I used to view that thread also.

    Hi h1techSlave,

    You might like below thread on IV. Please check it out. This is already delayed by few months now. God knows when it will happen.


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  • kondur_007
    05-20 06:11 PM
    "05/19/2008: Passage of H.R. 5571 for IMGs Failed Today and Postponed Until a Later Date

    The House floor failed to pass this bill and postponed until the undetermined date for final action."

    This bills is to renew Conrad 30 program which is set to expire June 2008. This bill is sponsored by Zoe Lofgren and has been posponed until the undetermined date!

    This is a vital provision for J1 physicians for waiver opportunities but I have not found much on this on the internet besides above quote from Oh law firm.

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  • 510picker
    December 3rd, 2003, 01:57 PM
    Is it too little, too late? I wonder what Canon is already working on to top this.

    Photoshop painting. [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : Photoshop painting.

    10-02 01:46 AM
    made in photoshop in about 30min.


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  • nshalady
    01-28 03:46 PM
    If you are impacted by unavailability of visa number, you can get 3 year extension of H1B after I-140 is approved. If your priority date is current, then you have to file for status adjustment, not H1B extension. If your lawyer does not understand the law, better get a "real" lawyer :)

    I just got my Labor approved a couple week ago and now i want to file I-140 premium processing. But my lawyer's not allow me to do that coz once my I-140 approve i can't file my 8 th year extension. My 7th years H1B will expire on Aug 30, 2007.

    I'm very confused now, on my understanding once i get my I-140 approve, i'm eligible to get my H1B 3 years extension.

    FYI: i chose CP opotion, is that make me not eligible to get my H1B extension once my I-140 approve?

    Please help and Big thanks

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  • prince40
    03-15 07:40 PM
    hi all
    I plan to probably file under the EB2 category soon- I know EB1 and EB2 can be filed separately, however can a EB2 regular and a EB2 with NIW application both be filed separately as well?
    Need to know this asap, so would appreciate a reply, Thank You!


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  • optimystic
    10-12 07:15 PM

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  • ingegarcia
    06-28 01:25 PM
    My lawyer says i can join company B as soon as USCIS has received my application for H1B transfer? is this true or do we have to wait for receipt number/case number?

    I need to know this because my company will not file I-485 until i join them but under the current backlog CSC is having a huge backlog with receipting H1B transfer cases.

    Please help

    This is part of the email the lawyer send me
    I filed your case yesterday. Your case will be received today. This means that you are eligible to give your notice and begin working for XXX.


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  • jliechty
    July 15th, 2005, 05:04 PM
    Both of those lenses aren't the fastest, so you're going to want a sensitivity of 1600 to get acceptable shutter speeds to minimize motion blur. If the light is changing a lot, you could use aperture priority, leaving the aperture at the widest it will go (or stopped down however much you can while maintaining reasonable shutter speed).

    If the light is relatively constant (and when has that happened at a concert?), you might get more consistent results from determining the correct exposure by test shots and histogram, and then leaving things set until the light changes.

    If you want help with autofocus, I'm afraid that I can't help, as my Nikon is a bit older than yours (D1). :(

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  • smarth
    05-04 05:04 PM

    My husband is having L1A visa through company X.
    Howmany days/moths/years will it take for us to get GREENCARD if we apply in MAY2008.

    I understood no LC is required for L1A visa holders Greencard processing.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • NKR
    09-30 09:31 PM
    A thread telling people to use caution in using AC21 is currently active. Do you all think that it is a rumor spread by some employer to prevent people from moving out? . Are there any genuine denial cases?

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  • Sreeshankar
    06-28 12:51 PM
    The Department of State has published a pamphlet educating nonimmigrant visa holders on their rights. The pamphlet covers the visa process, important documents, workplace and employee rights, human trafficking, and how to file a complaint. This is a very useful document, not just for immigrants. See here (http://www.travel.state.gov/pdf/Pamphlet-Order.pdf) to download.
    Thank you for your kind thoughtfulness to post it even on a Sunday!!
    Very informative post.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-05 02:00 PM

    On June 1, 2009, new document requirements go into effect at land and sea ports for entry into the United States. Pursuant to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative ("WHTI") an individual may show one of the following documents in order to be admitted into the United States:

    U.S. or Canadian passport;
    Trusted Traveler Card (Nexus, Sentri, or Fast/Express);
    U.S. passport card;
    State or province issued enhanced driver's license.

    California does not issue "enhanced driver's licenses." (Enhanced driver's licenses contain multiple levels of security features.) It is no longer possible after June 1, to travel to Canada and expect to return with just a California driver's license. You must therefore have proof of citizenship as indicated above or proof of lawful permanent residence (i.e., "green card"), or proof of some other kind of non-immigrant status in order to be able to return to the United States.

    For more information about the document requirements, please see my previous post on "Free travel widget helps plan trips abroad and return to the United States (http://www.californiaimmigrationlawyerblog.com/2008/10/free_travel_widget_helps_plan_1.html)." You may also go the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (http://www.getyouhome.gov/html/eng_map.html) website on WHTI to obtain further information.

    More... (http://www.californiaimmigrationlawyerblog.com/2009/05/new_border_crossing_requiremen.html)

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  • nvrao2104
    07-01 05:07 AM
    Hello All,

    Following is my situation:

    1) Recently got my L1 extension approval through company A which is valid through Aug, 2010.
    2) I also have a Consular-H1B petition papers from same company A which is valid till Aug,
    2011. But i don't have H1B visa stamp in my passport.

    *My question is:
    Is it possible to do H1B petition transfer from Company A to Company B without COS from L1 to H1?
    Should I first apply COS from L1->H1 through company A and then apply for H1B transfer from Company A to company B.
    (and I believe for COS to happen i need to be still employed with company A.)

    I am not planning to go India now but wanted to apply H1 transfer and work for the new company B in case of my layoff from present company A



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  • admin
    03-26 06:41 PM

    Sent you a PM.

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  • chanduv23
    09-15 10:23 PM
    Thanks for reading this message. Since you are from mid-west, you are capable of taking your car and drive in the direction of DC. It will take anywhere from 9-15hours. But you will be able to do it.

    If there was a possibility of USCIS handing a GC in person, you would have driven 50 hours. Can you not drive for 10hours for a cause that is affecting you, me and everyone around us?

    Now make up your mind and drive and meet other mid-westerners in DC.

    I know one mr Gan*** - who flew to Nebraska with a Substitute labor and i 140 petition on the last day before labor substitution was banned. Mr Gane** also filed for 485 after the fiasco and we had a drink together because he thought he did a marvellous job as he is just 2 months old in US and has just landed in a consulting job and already applied 140/485 during the fiasco.

    But he is not willing to hop onto my car, lives 5 miles from my place in Queens, to go to DC.

    This shows the poor attitude people have towards grassroots efforts.


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  • eager_immi
    06-26 10:11 AM
    There is no issue if your wife is the derivative applicant and gets her EAD through you. You can also start but it is more complicated since your business has to be doing excatly the same thing as your labor application. Also, i think you should get lawyers advice if you are starting it. There is no complication for your wife to start a business.

    THello Everyone,

    We are currently evaluating our options of starting a business on EAD, which should be coming within 3 months of filing of I485 in July. Does anyone know if I or my wife can start a business on EAD, are there any issues with it?


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  • nixstor
    06-29 11:05 PM
    Fresh off the death of S 1639, No one on the Hill wants to talk about immigration related bills

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  • permfiling
    11-23 03:51 PM
    Thanks TexDBoy, so the first employer will come to know at 485 stage of all the previous employments which is a voilation of the first employer rules that you should not be working anywhere.

    08-11 01:51 PM

    My I140 got denied early this year and the appeal is pending. Processing times for the appeal is 22 months. My priority date will be current next month. Because of that i am considering to refile my I140 and 485 again and withdraw the appeal.

    1) Can we refile I140 with the same category (EB2)
    2) Can USCIS just deny the new I140 because of the earrlier denial
    3) Is there any one who tried this. What is the outcome of the new I140 application.

    Please share your experience and also please advice

    Thanks in advance

    08-18 05:33 PM
    dude.. are you talking about renewing your AP or EAD?

    I dont think there's any such thing as renewing an I-140.

    get the facts right.

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